The Solution

Genesys has extensive experience in developing robust software products for clients across industries. Our expertise with the latest digital technologies such as Mobile, Cloud, Analytics, Social and IoT helps us develop advanced mobile-first and secure applications and platforms that enhance productivity. The industry specific applications Genesys has built have helped various industry leaders address their business challenges. Swift and cost effective product development reduces the time to market and improves RoI. We also provide support and maintenance services for our software. 

What we do for you

Larry Page, our co-founder and CEO, once described the “perfect search engine” as something that “understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want.” Since he spoke those words Google has grown to offer products beyond search, but the spirit of what he said remains. With all our technologies—from search to Chrome to Gmail—our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to find the information you need and get the things you need to do done

This means making search smarter and faster, so it can understand that when you type [jaguar] you’re looking for the car, not photos of the animal. It means showing you when your friends like an ad or a search result, so that you know it might be valuable. It means making our products work intuitively, so that you can share documents with Gmail contacts without having to copy and paste, and open the same tabs on your Android phone that you have open on your Chrome browser on your desktop. Above all, it means making our products work better so that people can spend time on the stuff they’re good at—like enjoying time with family, camping in the wilderness, painting a picture or throwing a party. We’re not there yet, but we’re working on it.

Our strategy is to focus on

1.Competent and motivated people: operating globally with an efficient multi-site setup and world-class management.

2.Telecom and mobile sector knowledge: an in-depth understanding of our customers’ business logic.

3.Communications and embedded technologies: profound technical expertise in communications and embedded technologies.

4.World-class product development processes, tools and go-to-market models that are continuously adapted to market demands and industry trends.

5.Repeatable service offerings: a portfolio of repeatable services that consistently add value to our customers.